Program & Project Delivery

Accelerate lean product development and take on delivery responsibility combined with effective orchestration of execution tasks, suppliers and business stakeholders.

Challenged by complex application and technology programs in your targeted lean-agile culture? Gain powerful delivery experience based on product development flow principles, scaled agility and hybrid delivery models. Fast onboarding, quick integration and take-on responsibility followed by development and succession plans for your internal roles to foster sustainable delivery capabilities.

Program and project roles like

  • Program Manager
  • SAFe RTE / STE (Release Train Engineer / Solution Train Engineer)
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager / Product Owner
  • Chief Scrum Master / Scrum Master
  • Quality / Process Manager

Service Delivery Network

We are part of a trusted partner network which allows to scale and deliver according to your needs and demand. Also, in case your sourcing department only accepts contracts via preferred or key suppliers, choose from the following options or suggest your preferred supplier:

AMR Partner AG

GFT Schweiz AG