Coaching, Mentoring & Trainings

Combine and increase discovery and imagination capabilities in a relaxed atmosphere to better achieve sustainable experience and learning success.

Receive professional support for your internal leadership and senior functions in areas like lean-agile leadership in complex environments with specific demand for scaled agility and hybrid delivery models, effective backlog management and modern PPM and QM practices or special tasks like transformation & change initiatives including remote/offshore/nearshore team setup.

Increase and practice skills in and for roles like

  • Lean Portfolio Manager
  • Agile Product Manager
  • Agile Product Owner / Business Owner
  • Program / Project Manager, SAFe RTE / STE
  • Lean-Agile Quality Manager / Process Engineer
  • Enterprise Lean-Agile Coach

Current hot topics include

  • Business Agility
  • Adaptive Organization Approaches
  • Lean Innovation, Lean Startup
  • How to achieve Compliance in Agile Product Delivery
  • Process Engineering with Applied SAFe
  • SAFe Trainings, Workshops and Event Facilitation

SAFe Trainings & Workshops

Get in touch to organize your individual remote or in-house company SAFe training or workshop:

  • Executive Workshop
  • Business Agility Assessment
  • Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) Workshop
  • Agile Product Management (APM) Training
  • Value Stream and ART Identification Workshop

Service Delivery Network

We are part of a trusted partner network which allows to scale and deliver according to your needs and demand. Also, in case your sourcing department only accepts contracts via preferred or key suppliers, choose from the following options or suggest your preferred supplier:


Pragmatic Solutions GmbH