Outdoor Activities Overview

A selection of personally performed outdoor and travel experiences

4-Wheel-Drive including long traveling trips
  • Antarctica expedition and visit of a research station followed by a 4WD trip from South Patagonia over high-altitude wineries to the altiplano and deserts in Chile and Argentine
  • 4WD roundtrip over the Scottish North-West-Coast and Highlands and in Island including the remote but gorgeous West Fjords
  • Trekking and 4WD roundtrip along the Caucasus in Georgia and Azerbaijan
  • 4WD culture and desert trips in Morocco, Oman and Egypt as well as diving in the Red Sea
  • Around the world trip enjoying destinations like Singapore, Indonesia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii, USA including a 6-months 4WD adventure in the Australian Outback
Cycling including long traveling trips
  • Bike, Dine & Wine roundtrip from Switzerland over Italy’s Trentino and through Austria touching Slovenia up to trendy Graz and historic Salzburg
  • From Thailand through China and along the Silk Road to Central Asia and the Middle East
  • Bike, Dine & Wine tasting in Italy’s Piedmont, Tuscany and Sardinia regions
  • Pyrenees bicycle crossing and gourmet food in France and Spain from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean Sea
  • Up to Trondheim (Norway) along the gorgeous but often cold and wet fjords and highlands
Hiking, Trekking, Ski-Touring & Diving
  • Several Alpine crossings covering excellent hospitality in Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Slovenia
  • Adventure and culture trips on the Balkan across Serbia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Croatia
  • Ski-Touring on the Lofoten Islands in Norway with clear nights to watch the polar lights
  • Adventurous diving and trekking in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos
  • Exploring the Indian Ocean Islands and its hospitality of the Seychelles and La Réunion
  • Trekking in Costa Rica and Cuba including diving in Bonaire and Curacao