Interim Management

Create and foster an inspiring and collaborative working culture where people are empowered and capable to deliver optimal value with immediate benefit.

Get the required capability with immediate benefit to your endeavor in focus areas like application & infrastructure engineering and product development in information technology, logistics, supply chain management or other disciplines with interdependencies to the Internet of Things (IoT) or Digital Experience, in an international culture or in combination with sourcing strategies.

Leadership responsibilities or professionalization of units in fast growing Startups may include roles like

  • Head of Project or Product Portfolio Management
  • Head of Application Development
  • Head of Infrastructure Engineering & Technology
  • Head of Product Management
  • Head of Quality Management
  • Head of IT Architecture

Service Delivery Network

We are part of a trusted partner network which allows to scale and deliver according to your needs and demand. Also, in case your sourcing department only accepts contracts via preferred or key suppliers, choose from the following options or suggest your preferred supplier: